Evolution Starter Set
Evolution Starter Set
Evolution Starter Set

Evolution Starter Set

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Beginner Friendly

All you need to start disc golf can be found here! The discs in this set have a lot to offer for both beginners and more seasoned players alike.

This set features three versatile models from our popular Evolution line. All discs are made with the grippy Geo plastic. Compared to other common Discmania plastics, the closest comparison for Geo would be D-line in terms of feel and durability. However, the Geo plastic offers a lot more grip in all conditions.

The set includes:

Putter - Geo Link  2 3 0 1
- A superbly popular straight-flying putter with a gentle fade at the end of its flight
- Excellent choice for putting from all distances, approaches and even drives for advanced players

Midrange disc - Geo Origin  5 5 -1 1
- A neutral / somewhat understable low profile midrange that fits all hand sizes very well
- A superbly popular model suitable for all skill levels

Driver - Geo Essence  8 6 -2 1
- Somewhat understable fairway driver that flies far with minimal effort
- The Essence is one of our all-time best selling models, despite the fact that it has been in the market for a relatively short period of time

All discs in this set have been approved by the Professional Disc Golf Association and can be used in tournament play. The discs come in 170-176g weight range.

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