MD3 S-Line

MD3 S-Line

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Beginner Friendly

Stamp done by Thought Space Athletics

**Pictures are of the actual discs. Colour/shade of the disc may vary slightly due to lighting.

The Discmania MD3 is a reliable and versatile midrange disc, which in its different weights can be used to fill all midrange needs of an average player. It has a sleek profile that is easy to grip even for those who have experienced problems with midrange discs before. You can rip this disc hard, which makes it perfect for controlled medium range drives too.

Pro Tip: The S-Line MD3 is Discmania's latest addition to the MD3 offering. With even more grip than previous plastics, you'll surely find a nice home for these in your bag right away!

Good for: Approaches in all angles, straight drives, for beginners, advanced and pro players alike.

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